Much of our conservation work involves major repairs or conservation of period furniture while preserving the beautiful old finish and patina. Additions or alterations to antique pieces are carefully researched in order to assure authenticity. Ponsford takes on the examination of finishes and joinery to the replacement of missing finials by carving or casting. We even offer lead paint removal and insect de-infestation with no odor or risk of damage.

Stated simply, conservation of furniture and other antiques involve three major endeavors: (1) the minimization of deterioration; (2) the consolidation of objects as they currently exist; and (3) repair or replacement of existing damage. In order to best preserve artifacts, the causes of deterioration are studied to understand how they can be minimized.

It is inevitable that objects deteriorate. The good news is that although deterioration of your antique cannot be stopped, in the hands of an experienced conservator it can be minimized. It is our goal at Ponsford to do just that. We can put in place protective measures that provide protection against future damaging deterioration. As the owner of an antique, with proper guidance, you too can dramatically slow the aging process. Please call us anytime. We are happy to answer your questions.

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